Beyond the Looking Glass – Artists: Morgan Winburn and the Kids Camp Crew

Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, this piece will encourage participants to explore and use their imagination with childlike wonder. This multi-artist project will bring variations of the beloved classic into a fresh interactive medium, where, after braving to step through the broken mirror of the storybook, participants can have tea at the Hatter’s table, converse among the talking flowers, play flamingo croquet with the queen, and sit in a mushroom forest.


List of artists includes:

Morgan Winburn, along with Lytyl, Mary Jane Bricka, Matt Giacomazzo, Margarete Beeson, Jill and Dave Lovell, Jenna Leatherman and the Band of Mini from Kids Camp, as well as support from Tattletale Frum, Jennifer Oxford, Edwin and Amantha Edgarly, Isaac Gordon and more…