Sydne & Thomas Schinkel GreenRiverStudios

Inspired by the awesome beauty of the Arizona desert, Sydne’s high-fired vessels incorporate many of its native elements: iron from the washes, ash from desert firepits, and crushed granite from the desert floor.

Sydne taught ceramics at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Tailesin West for several years, and is presently an adjunct professor.  Her “apprectices’ were form all over the world, which parallels the story in her Book, Earthbridge Crossing.  This whimsical “feel-good’ story about us, our planet, and our possibilities, is a tale of joy and wonderment.

During Thomas’ forty years in the advertising and graphic design world, woodworking and carving has always been a hobby & a passion.  For the past ten years, he has been working in conjunction with Sydne to create objects of art which include unique combinations of clay, exotic woods, metals, glass, gemstones and occasionally artifacts.

Project: – We will dig a pit and put the pots, wrapped with salt, banana skins, and paper, in the bottom, then cover them with horse and cow dung and pile wood on top. The pit firing will take about 3 hours, and people can feed the fire if they want. Then it cools overnight and we will dig the pots out of the ashes after it cools down. There will be about 50 pots in the firing, and they will be given away. All the pots have “Toast 2011” lettered on them.

For the community: If anyone has any wood cut-offs or small pieces of wood they can bring for us to burn, that would be wonderful. No logs or large boards, please.