Burning Man Art and Contributions
  • 1997:   Didn’t know any better, a greenhorn newbie
  • 1998:   Designed and built my own custom camp
  • 1999:   Assisted Recycle Camp rebuilding bicycles – collected and converted shopping carts into bicycle trailers to be used to collect recyclables on the playa
  • 1999:   Created Burn Panoramic – donated it to BMORG – assisted post-playa cleanup
  • 2000:   ATM Machine art installation in Center Camp next to the P.O.
  • 2001:   Cosmic Wheel of Fortune at camp, full color Burning Man sticker
  • 2002:   Eyegasm animated spiral at camp
  • 2005:   Levitating Chairs art installation on playa
  • 2008:   Wake Up Call, art installation in Center Camp Cafe – Assisted with Ketchup Bottle French Fry stand – Assemble, run, tear down, prop build for Center Camp sound stage – Gitmo theme

Over the years I have built two art cars, two art bikes, and assisted other artists with their installations.

Saguaro Man Art Contributions

  • 2011:  Gate/Entry lights/scanners – 15′ saguaro, 8′ man and 5′ toast project
  • 2012:  Regionals Milepost Sign, Saguaro Man sticker, Permanent Man, Pipe Lights (Street LIghts)
  • 2013:  Burner Guide Stones, Backboards for Throw ME Blow Me
  • 2014:   World Milepost of Places With Funny Names (collaboration with Sunshine), Levitating Chairs Revisited, X-Men Friendship Circle
  • 2015:  Temple of Four Directions, Saguaro Man Sticker