The Mann

Community Project to be built Th-Friday at Saguaro Man.
Bring your tools and creative spirit.

Arthur Rudiak (aka Distracto)
Burner since: 1997 Projects: Burn Panorama, Wheel of Fortune, Spiral illusions, Levitating Chairs, ATM, Wake Up Call, BP Dolphins

Assisted numerous artist throughout the years including Mike Mauug (Preying Manis, Manta Ray, 3D EL Dream catchers, fire breathing frog), 35′ tall Ketchup bottle/French fry stand, and more.

Current Projects: Saguaro Man Welcome Sign and Regional Burn Milepost sign
Could use help digging holes and setting up projects. Also painting milepost signs.
Assisted numerous artist throughout the years including Mike Mauug (Preying Manis, Manta Ray, 3D EL Dream catchers, fire breathing frog), 35′ tall Ketchup bottle/French fry stand, and more.

Click here for more information on Featured Artist 2015 Distracto

Dixon’s Violin (2012)

Hello AZ burner community! I’m a Detroit-based burner and am excited about participating in Saguaro Man for the 1st time, and wanted to introduce myself! Hi 🙂 I hear the theme is TRANSITIONS, which synchronistic: in December I quit my day job (a great corporate career in IT) to follow my REAL dream and passion: I am now a full-time performing artist and music shaman, traveling the country in my playa-friendly touring van, working hard to inspire people wherever I go. Yay! A HUGE transition, and I’m happy that my tour is taking me your way , and am so looking forward to connecting with YOU.

I’d love to share what I do at Saguaro Man! I am a one-man band on electric violin and digital effects – videos on my website if you’re interested: I am I have no idea what the infrastructure is like there – any designated performance area/stage/center camp? If not, no problem since I can create my own space, but if anyone has suggestions, let me know!

I’m also happy to gift my gear for use during the event! I have assembled a nice setup for remote sound installation, including a Bose L1 PA system (the “stick” PA) and a battery power supply for it. It’s playa-tested 🙂 Could this be useful? I also managed the sound at center camp for Lakes of Fire (the great lakes regional burn with 1,000 folks) last summer, and could do the same here, or I could host an open-mic event to help others share what they do?!

E-3 Camp

The theme camp is called E-3 which stands for Enlightenment, Energy, and Entertainment.

I won’t get into the details just yet, but know that we’re going to do our best to wow you. Of course, we could use a little help.

We’ll be building a place where you can hang out in the shade during the day and hopefully stay comfortable at night. It’s going to be a great place for yoga,  meditation work, and monkey chanting during the day. Yes, I said Monkey Chanting (with capitals this time!). We’ll be doing poetry reading (read your own or read something that you love! We’ll be holding some classes on a variety of stuff. We’ll be doing talks and presentations on interesting topics.

Do you have some topics that you think people would be interested in? Can you do a presentation on something cool and informative? Do you have a section of a novel that you love to read over and over? Maybe you have some original poetry that you’d like to share. Let us know! We’ll have time for you and what you love!

We’ll have some live music in the evening. Open mic and music jams too. Feel the enlightenment flow into energy and feel the energy flow into entertainment while the entertainment is flowing into enlightenment! Do you always have a guitar in the back of your car, but never seem to have a good time to play it in front of cool people? (wait, is that even possible for guitar players?) Been practicing your kazoo solos? Got some cool drumming going on? Let us know! We welcome
you and the sounds that you make!

At night, we’re going to be pounding some sweet tunes for you to dance to, and I’ll be taking a few hours late night one of the nights to attempt to alter the collective conscience of anybody who wants to hang out. This will be my second attempt at this. The first was at Decompression this past fall. This time will be the same but it will be different. Expect more live, more movement, more more. Get comfy and close your eyes, or let your mind wander and be lost in the moment!

So what about those other two parts of the subject line?

Well, (R)evolved Hoops and Collective Expansion are the brain Childs of my beautiful girlfriend Renae Bellah. If it weren’t for her, I don’t think I’d be doing this E-3 theme camp this year, so kudos to her! A lot of you people who are interested in hula hooping and live around these parts know all about (R)evolved Hoops. If you don’t know, here you go: I’m sure you can find it on the facebook too.