The dome is covered with transparent mirrored panels and LEDs. During the day, the space becomes a quiet and shaded spot for conversations and reflection. At night it becomes a cozy chill space, lit by a million lights and the reflection of those lights in the mirrors.

From 2012:

Boots and Tiffany are both AZ natives. After time away from school, both returned and have made Phoenix their home. Tiffany is an IT project specialist for a large Phoenix based law firm and Boots is the owner of a popular lounge in downtown Phoenix. Both love to dabble in creating art and structures whenever possible.

I am constantly drawn to the concept of spaces that shut out the outside world and create a new reality within. Light and music seem to be the most assessable way to accomplish this goal. I am regularly dreaming of structural methods to accomplish this as well. By creating a small space that overwhelms the senses, I hope to allow the viewer to lose track of time and space while still experiencing a sense of self from within the new reality.

The BSD,jr. will incorporate a 9′ wide store-bought geodesic half dome that sits atop a 4′ tall custom fabricated steel crossbeam cylinder as its foundation. The cross members of the dome will have LED lights attached that are programmable. The voids between the crossbeams will be filled with clear acrylic plastic that has a mirrored foil glued to it. Inside the cylinder, there will be a large Mirror ball that reflects the LEDs back onto the mirrored foil. There will be a sound system that plays pre-programmed music synched to the programmable lights. The floor will be covered in 2″ foam cushioning and pillow.

Interactivity: The system is passive. It will play continuously whether there is anyone in it or not (I may try to wire in a motion sensor). There will be “starts” and “stops” to the program, but I do not expect people to feel they should stay or leave because of them. I believe 8-10 people could be inside the BSD,jr. at any one time. The acrylic mirrored panels will make the object a shiny mirror ball from the outside, with light leakage between the panels at night, creating an interesting, pulsing object. Assistance: I would like to place the art at a distance from the camp, ideally somewhere flat but that is viewable fom afar. The project will need a generator which I do not currently possess. If we could hook into some continuous camp power, that would be great. The art will not be burned. The art is programmable so that it will turn off during quiet hours.