Playa Tardis – Artist: Duncan

Dr. Who, the longest running sci-fi to date which started in the 60’s used an inter-dimensional time machine cleverly disguised as a 60,s British police box. The T.A.R.D.I.S. or time and relative dimension in space looks like an ordinary police box on the outside but inside is much larger containing various rooms of use including the control room, a swimming pool and a library to name a couple. My tardis took several months to build, namely because of money, and stands 56″ square and 10′ tall with lamp. It has functioning lights and sounds and is fully interactive. Hope all will enjoy it as much as I do, love… The doctor.

Temple Jasmine – Artist: Dave “Pyro” Lovell

This years temple the temple of jasmine is to honor all that is dead or lost and also to honor what has been reborn or newly found it is 12 ft tall about 2000 lbs of wood. It has room for about four people inside to lay and chill. It is a blank slate for who ever would like to leave something. Paint-markers-pictures- ect welcome. Friday night at an appropriate time it will then be filled with about another 1000 lbs of wood and the set to flame. Thank you to all that who made this what it really is!

Click here to read more about Featured Artist for 2012, 2013 and 2016 Dave “Pyro” Lovell

Succulence – Artist: Scott and Julie

Succulence will be a book with blank pages passed around from camp to camp, participant to participant. You will be encouraged to write, rant, draw, sculpt(?) or do anything with it that doesn’t involve bio-hazards and keeps the book in one piece. Think of it as a summit or trail register, perhaps a slice-in-time or even a collection of delusional visions from the community at Saguaro Man.

The idea is to bring together and share the collective consciousness of the community. Contributions can be anonymous or signed or illegible. The plan, post SM, is to scan the pages and post them in either the AZBurner yahoo group or a separate site for the Burner community to see and reflect. For you legal eagles, the contents will NOT be used for commercial purposes whatsoever, but it’s possible they might show up in an Internet search. We are open to feedback on that last sentence.

SoHowAreYou? Dome

You may have heard the rumors, some chatter around the community… Welp, its official ~ Saguaro Man will have its very own central ‘city’ area….

A HUGE Thank you to Coop for sparking this idea and keeping with the DoOcracy spirit of this community

As things are coming down to the wire Coop will need some help to finish off the piece… So a call out to sewers, metal workers, crafters and general handy people.

Art by Sydne & Thomas Schinkel

Sydne & Thomas Schinkel GreenRiverStudios

Inspired by the awesome beauty of the Arizona desert, Sydne’s high-fired vessels incorporate many of its native elements: iron from the washes, ash from desert firepits, and crushed granite from the desert floor.

Sydne taught ceramics at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Tailesin West for several years, and is presently an adjunct professor.  Her “apprectices’ were form all over the world, which parallels the story in her Book, Earthbridge Crossing.  This whimsical “feel-good’ story about us, our planet, and our possibilities, is a tale of joy and wonderment.

During Thomas’ forty years in the advertising and graphic design world, woodworking and carving has always been a hobby & a passion.  For the past ten years, he has been working in conjunction with Sydne to create objects of art which include unique combinations of clay, exotic woods, metals, glass, gemstones and occasionally artifacts.

Project: – We will dig a pit and put the pots, wrapped with salt, banana skins, and paper, in the bottom, then cover them with horse and cow dung and pile wood on top. The pit firing will take about 3 hours, and people can feed the fire if they want. Then it cools overnight and we will dig the pots out of the ashes after it cools down. There will be about 50 pots in the firing, and they will be given away. All the pots have “Toast 2011” lettered on them.

For the community: If anyone has any wood cut-offs or small pieces of wood they can bring for us to burn, that would be wonderful. No logs or large boards, please.

Rising Buffalo

Greetings Fellow BurnerFamily!!!!

So, here is our deal…our theme camp is called “(place a picture of a spiral here)”. We have already bought tickets, with a few more planning to buy some tickets too.

We live off-grid in an earthhome community, so we try to live without assistance from the grocery store. with that said, our focus is on sustainability and earth-friendly fun! We will be offering a few workshops, ranging from thai-yoga massage, to a BBJB contest, to Bazinga! (a new card game) to brewing(and by brewing we mean offering homebrew)–we’ve really perfected our craft, to off-grid life advice, to homemade foods, to “know your rights” (this is in reference to the cOps…the mediator of this workshop says: “people need to know what you can and can’t say to those f…rs”!!!LOL—one of us was an officer for 10 yrs). We will also be offering homemade pizza and homebrewed beer (the pizza includes locally made goat-cheese and cow-cheese, and the crust will be wheat-crust and gluten-free crust)….

our structures include a dome, which will become a living room style lounge(17.5 foot diameter buckey—buckemeister—dome). we also have a carport size structure (which will be our kitchen) the dome will become a lounge, which includes a relaxed-living-room-tyle atmosphere…with . music dj’s, mostly ambient, trancy, chilloutspace music—dubreggae, triphop, the orb, for example)…..

Oh, the community that we live in includes radical faeries (we live near Zuni Mountain Sanctuary, a radical faerie sanctuary, but it is NOT just radical faeries) we really pride ourselves on being ourselves(What is gender and sexuality but just another label, right?)! LOL….and we do get carried away laughing through the night, so putting us near kidsville probably wouldn’t be the best idea…lol.

Of course First and foremost is SAUGUAROMAN!!!!

We look forward to meeting everyone!