Playa Tardis – Artist: Duncan

Dr. Who, the longest running sci-fi to date which started in the 60’s used an inter-dimensional time machine cleverly disguised as a 60,s British police box. The T.A.R.D.I.S. or time and relative dimension in space looks like an ordinary police box on the outside but inside is much larger containing various rooms of use including the control room, a swimming pool and a library to name a couple. My tardis took several months to build, namely because of money, and stands 56″ square and 10′ tall with lamp. It has functioning lights and sounds and is fully interactive. Hope all will enjoy it as much as I do, love… The doctor.

Succulence – Artist: Scott and Julie

Succulence will be a book with blank pages passed around from camp to camp, participant to participant. You will be encouraged to write, rant, draw, sculpt(?) or do anything with it that doesn’t involve bio-hazards and keeps the book in one piece. Think of it as a summit or trail register, perhaps a slice-in-time or even a collection of delusional visions from the community at Saguaro Man.

The idea is to bring together and share the collective consciousness of the community. Contributions can be anonymous or signed or illegible. The plan, post SM, is to scan the pages and post them in either the AZBurner yahoo group or a separate site for the Burner community to see and reflect. For you legal eagles, the contents will NOT be used for commercial purposes whatsoever, but it’s possible they might show up in an Internet search. We are open to feedback on that last sentence.

Art by Sydne & Thomas Schinkel

Sydne & Thomas Schinkel GreenRiverStudios

Inspired by the awesome beauty of the Arizona desert, Sydne’s high-fired vessels incorporate many of its native elements: iron from the washes, ash from desert firepits, and crushed granite from the desert floor.

Sydne taught ceramics at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Tailesin West for several years, and is presently an adjunct professor.  Her “apprectices’ were form all over the world, which parallels the story in her Book, Earthbridge Crossing.  This whimsical “feel-good’ story about us, our planet, and our possibilities, is a tale of joy and wonderment.

During Thomas’ forty years in the advertising and graphic design world, woodworking and carving has always been a hobby & a passion.  For the past ten years, he has been working in conjunction with Sydne to create objects of art which include unique combinations of clay, exotic woods, metals, glass, gemstones and occasionally artifacts.

Project: – We will dig a pit and put the pots, wrapped with salt, banana skins, and paper, in the bottom, then cover them with horse and cow dung and pile wood on top. The pit firing will take about 3 hours, and people can feed the fire if they want. Then it cools overnight and we will dig the pots out of the ashes after it cools down. There will be about 50 pots in the firing, and they will be given away. All the pots have “Toast 2011” lettered on them.

For the community: If anyone has any wood cut-offs or small pieces of wood they can bring for us to burn, that would be wonderful. No logs or large boards, please.

Greeter Beacons – Artist: David Weeden

I’m camp daddy for Tsunami Camp at BRC and hopefully several members from our camp will be attending Saguaro Man this year (assuming we can all get tickets). We will integrate four BRC Greeters Beacons into our camp design and will place a flame effect device (or two, or three), where it is deemed safe by you folks.

Our theme camp is comprised primarily of event volunteers, including the BRC Greeters Project Coordinator, Topless Deb, several Rangers, and some of the organizers/volunteer leads from the Michigan Regional Event, “Lakes of Fire”. Deb and T (Tonda) greeted at Toast last year.

As for me, I’m a 13 year veteran of BM, based in L.A., one of the BRC Greeters Metas, and a Black Rock Ranger. Aside from running an Esplanade theme camp (’07 – 09), I also do stuff at our LA Decom where I built and hosted our main fire stage. I’m an active volunteer for the San Diego Decom Events, and Lakes of Fire Events.

Tunnel of Questionable Enlightenment – Artist: Workinonit aka Justin Eastman

Tunnel of Questionable Enlightenment Artist: Workinonit

Workinonit first attended Burning Man in 2006. The experience changed the way he viewed his life and what role he does or could play in the world. It opened doors to creativity though that were lost by years of inter mingling amongst the stagnating influences of the default world. Burning Man and its culture offered him a way to release his creativity and to visualize his imagination. Being a software engineer challenges his mind, but being a burner has challenged his imagination. It has since then been a passion of his to integrate both his technical skill and creative imagination. In the years since his first excursion to the playa he has dabbled in costume creation, welding, and giving to both his burner and local community through volunteering his time and effort to make this world a better place. But alas, it has not been enough. The need to participate has infected him!

The Project: The inspiration for this project began with my experience with Cubatron in 2006. It was one of the first things that truly made me pick my jaw up off of the playa and question my place in the wonderful world created by Burning Man. he intention is to take that concept to the next level and create an interactive and unpredictable light design that participants are able to meander through, the question mark of life, followed by the polar experience of then giving them the controls to alter the experience for others.

Through interaction with the art piece, they find themselves going through a series of random experiences that are generated by the lights emanating from The Tunnel of Questionable Enlightenment. The experience of which will be a rite of passage in and of itself. This experience offers a reflection of the journey through life. We don’t always know where we are going, or even perhaps, from where we have come. The path is unclear, yet at times the insights along the way are profound. Our environment colors our perception, and our perception in turn illuminates the path. As we approach the curve of the question mark, it is suddenly apparent that we are not alone in our journey. Others who have navigated the Questionable Transformation, are there to help us along our way, and in turn we assist those that are waiting in the dark dusty alcove inside the question mark.

This project consists of one hundred 7.25 foot tall steel arches placed approximately 1 foot apart and arranged in a question mark shaped pattern on the playa floor. Each arch will be lined with an LED strip which holds 160 individually programmable LED lights (16,000 LEDs total) and are controlled via 4 independent wheels in the middle of the question mark’s arch. Participants will initially begin at the dot of the question mark and be presented with directions and the philosophy of the project by a podium illuminated by black lights. Participants will walk through the path of the tunnel, surrounded by the stimulation of ever changing colors and patterns of electro-luminescence. The tunnel will be an open beacon on the playa which will draw curious participants to inquire what the lights could possibly be.

There will be breaks in the tunnel every 20 feet for an easy immediate exit should it be necessary. Upon completing the 100 foot trek of the hall of lights at the top end of the question mark, participants will be faced with 4 large wheels of various sizes, ranging from 4-10 feet in diameter. Each correlate with a function of controlling the light, speed, pattern and color of the tunnel. Participants rotating the wheels provides an opportunity for them to affect the enlightenment for those walking inside.

The Mann

Community Project to be built Th-Friday at Saguaro Man.
Bring your tools and creative spirit.

Arthur Rudiak (aka Distracto)
Burner since: 1997 Projects: Burn Panorama, Wheel of Fortune, Spiral illusions, Levitating Chairs, ATM, Wake Up Call, BP Dolphins

Assisted numerous artist throughout the years including Mike Mauug (Preying Manis, Manta Ray, 3D EL Dream catchers, fire breathing frog), 35′ tall Ketchup bottle/French fry stand, and more.

Current Projects: Saguaro Man Welcome Sign and Regional Burn Milepost sign
Could use help digging holes and setting up projects. Also painting milepost signs.
Assisted numerous artist throughout the years including Mike Mauug (Preying Manis, Manta Ray, 3D EL Dream catchers, fire breathing frog), 35′ tall Ketchup bottle/French fry stand, and more.

Click here for more information on Featured Artist 2015 Distracto

Dixon’s Violin (2012)

Hello AZ burner community! I’m a Detroit-based burner and am excited about participating in Saguaro Man for the 1st time, and wanted to introduce myself! Hi 🙂 I hear the theme is TRANSITIONS, which synchronistic: in December I quit my day job (a great corporate career in IT) to follow my REAL dream and passion: I am now a full-time performing artist and music shaman, traveling the country in my playa-friendly touring van, working hard to inspire people wherever I go. Yay! A HUGE transition, and I’m happy that my tour is taking me your way , and am so looking forward to connecting with YOU.

I’d love to share what I do at Saguaro Man! I am a one-man band on electric violin and digital effects – videos on my website if you’re interested: I am I have no idea what the infrastructure is like there – any designated performance area/stage/center camp? If not, no problem since I can create my own space, but if anyone has suggestions, let me know!

I’m also happy to gift my gear for use during the event! I have assembled a nice setup for remote sound installation, including a Bose L1 PA system (the “stick” PA) and a battery power supply for it. It’s playa-tested 🙂 Could this be useful? I also managed the sound at center camp for Lakes of Fire (the great lakes regional burn with 1,000 folks) last summer, and could do the same here, or I could host an open-mic event to help others share what they do?!