Nut House

You all are cordially invited to stop in at the Nut House during your stay at the Double Dolphin Farm. There will be roasted nuts, toasted nuts, raw nuts, mixed nuts, spicy nuts, salty nuts, sweet nuts, corn nuts, soy nuts, and maybe even a walnetto or two. You can crack your own nuts if you prefer! Come by and fill your nut cup! Saturday nut fever dance party on Saturday. You are what you eat – so let’s get nuts!

Self Defense Class

The purpose for my art is to give anyone interested in learning some basic self defense skills that will help you survive a bad situation. These will be techniques on how to escape and survive those encounters. I would like to host a morning class and let anyone interested in a private class to sign up for one.

Beer Brewing and Drinking Beer

Saturday is international Home brew Day and home brewers everywhere will be making home brew beer at events around the globe. Brew master Jeff & Brew mistress Queen SOL will be brewing a batch of American Brown Ale @ Saguaro Man for all to see. We will start around 11am in our camp, (near Ranger HQ), and will demonstrate, answer questions and have plenty of home brew around for all to sample. If you are a brewer, bring you stuff and join us, or just wander by. This is a fun, Informal, informational event. Hope to see you there. Kisses, Cheers, Hugs.