Sticks and Stones – Artist: Mystiic

It’s just a collection of stuff I’ve found in the Arizona desert while out hiking. It’s mostly wood and branches from various flora, with some unique rocks, a rusty tin can, and other finds. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me is an illusion. Words DO hurt. This will be an opportunity for participants to let old hurts go. There will be a sign that explains the connection between the art piece and the Saguaro Man theme, Illusion. There will be tongue depressors for participants to write their words on and then place within the art project for burning later.

“Your Very Own Theme Music Written Right Here, Right Now” – Artist: Liam Be’em

A passerby sits with the guitarist and talks about their life, dreams and demons.  The musician quietly composes an instrumental guitar piece reflecting their vibe.  They quickly record the piece on a smart phone and email it to the guest… when the guest gets home: Voila!  Their very own theme music is waiting as a gift.   Also:  An additional note as to hours of operation… It will be mornings until about noon.

The Sylvan Path – Artist: Naked Mike and Juan Carlos

Provide the feel of a dense forest, in a surreal kind of way. The feeling of being closed in and in contrast the feeling of wide open spaces. Demonstrating the illusion of our perception of space and size. The Sylvan Path demonstrates the differences between a guided path and a challenging journey. It illustrates the illusion that following the path is always the best. That exploration in life can bring unexpected treasures.

Eye of Temple Anima – Artist: Groovee Smyles

Giving the illusion that Temple Anima has an eye in the Anima Core. This project stems from an ancient contemplative and spiritual practice called Ojo de Dios or Godals Eye. Ojo de Dios is a woven art piece made of wood and bright colored yarn. This spiritual eye dates back to Spanish colonial times in New Mexico. The eye is a ritual tool and magical object that has the power to see and understand things unknown to the physical eye. Each eye has at least four points. These four points represent the elemental processes; earth, fire, air and water.

XOBOX.01 – Artist: Thaddeus

XOBOX is a cube of information that mysteriously fell down to DDF from outer space containing every answer to the meaning of life as we know (or don’t know) it.  However, it is up to the lucky discoverers of XOBOX to look and ponder deep within it’s infinite knowledge if they really wish to crack the code.

Burridan’s Ass – Artist: Sudden Device

In the 1300’s. the French priest Jean Buridan ushered humanity into the Copernican Revolution and brought us several universal concepts that we still put into use today. We wish to create an art project that pay’s homage and commemorates to this amazing individual by illustrating one of his most famous logical paradoxes: Burridan’s Ass. A 9’ tall human butt with a doorway in the middle. This will lead into a small structure within that contains two pillars and hopefully a motion sensitive camera.