Dual – Artist: A-Man

A simple fractal I have always doodled…now in 3D – Main pole is rideable with pegs for feet. Pole can be spun manually or via pulley – Remaining mobile structure moves as per random wind / momentum.

Shroom Dome – Artist: Epic Omi

Offering a whimsical respit from the sun, the communion of a campfire with music, roasting snacks and warmth. Come on by for a “campfire” style meal each day as well.  Hang out around a central fire pit surrounded by a ring of armanita mushroom cap seats, covered by a metal framed canvas shade canopy that can be opened at night to view the stars. There will be musical instruments – flow toys and refreshments for all ages. A Beltane wine will be available after 7pm on May 1st for 21+ of course.

Flower of Life Cycles – Artist: Malena Lou

The Seed of Life is a sacred geometric symbol with six circles evenly distributed around a seventh central circle. Seven Seeds of Life can be combined to make a Flower of Life, which will be created from 49 bicycle rims for this large installation. The sculpture will emit rainbow transition lighting that will be visible from hundreds of feet away and will beckon spectators from afar.

Flickerin’ Flutter or Emerging Light – Artist: Danielle Difilippantonio

There will be 3 sculptures styles: a cosmic star burst, an orb/lantern, and a spiral. Each of these shapes have deeper significance that is inspired by traveling this journey of our life paths individually and together. There will be a total of 15 sculptures – 5 of each style. During the daytime, the sculptures will flow with the wind. At night, their lights will inspire and encourage wandering and exploration, shedding light into the darkness.

TetraPHIed Jungle Hedron – Artist: Erin Magorian and Chris Dahler

The sculpture will be wooden jungle gym. The form will be of triangular tetrahedrons that are progressively smaller by the Phi ratio (the Golden Ratio). Participants will be able to explore, climb, contribute art and help build the smaller tetrahedrons in a collaborative effort to add to the structure and celebrate everything fractal. Daytime workshops help answer questions about fractals.