Bad Idea Theater

“To Serve and Project” Incredibly bad movies, so obscure you have never seen them, unless you visited BIT on the Playa or at San Diego Decom, Bequinox, etc. There is strict selection criteria, organized by genre and theme, and played in logical order… or not. In any case, they will blow your mind. Oh, we also serve popcorn.

Playa 54

We spin music that people want to dance to, sing to, listen to and enjoy! As the main DJ, I spin everything from Motown to House, from 70’s Disco/Funk/Classic Rock to 80’s Pop/Rock. Once in a while some 90’s and some top 40 slip in, but it’s not that often. Anyhow, we’re basically a dance camp/discotheque

Vinyl Village

This camp will feature vinyl records as visual art and music! The essence of this camp is to bring back an original vibe to a group and build up the community honoring those foundations. The biggest goal is to help bridge the energy divide between veteran burners and newer burners. Also to have a hell of a lot of fun.

Ranger Out Post Java

A chill lounge and coffee bar, with fresh baked cookies after dark/after the Burns.  Offering yummy, hot, non-alcoholic drinks to everyone, but especially helping to fluff the Rangers after dark by providing hot French press coffee. (Yes we are coffee snobs) 🙂  Filled Air pots and insulated thermoses will be available all night long…even if we go to sleep!

MushMallow Mellow Camp

“One side will make you grow taller…”  Our goal is to offer a whimsical respit from the sun, the communion of a campfire with music (some instrument available), dancing, roasting snacks and warmth. We will be planning a menu of one “campfire” style meal to offer each day as well and 2 solar shroom light workshops.  All under a 10ft tall, 30ft diameter mushroom!