The Cell – Artist: Aman and Water

The hum of bees is not from their wings, but rather it pulsates from inside their being.  Come inside The Cell to experience the profound resonance of the bee hive.  Here, the sound which is primordial, AUM, is felt deep within.  Warning: Experiencers may not be able to control instances of spontaneous Brahmari Breath!  This could result in reduced tension and a calm mind.   

R.E.S.ebo (Reverberation Education Station) resonating Gazebo – Artist: Erin Magorian

To explore the way that different materials resonate & react differently depending on its surrounding environment & the various ways that we interact with the structure. It is designed to be experienced from the inside & outside with singular or multiple participants, of course multiple is more fun, with seats inside each opening that  would feature a different material such as, leather, metal & stone, as well as, various tools to hit, scratch or manipulate the structure in order to create not only a reverberating sound throughout the structure, but an experience for the participant inside the structure in the seats & even standing on the Nightingale wood floor

Fundamental Shift – Artist: Chris

An 8′ star-tetrahedron burnable sculpture designed as a participatory canvas for celebrating the vibrational nature of the visual spectrum. The shape of the sculpture is inspired by the study of sacred geometry and the spiritual concept of the Merkabah. Participants are invited to add color to the object over the course of the event. The use of color and lighting on this piece is inspired by the theme, “Reverberation.” The perception of color on any colored surface is the result of, “color by subtraction.” A red tetrahedron is red when viewed in white light because all the wavelengths of the spectrum that fall on it are absorbed except red which is reflected into the eye; Visual reverberation.