“Your Very Own Theme Music Written Right Here, Right Now” – Artist: Liam Be’em

A passerby sits with the guitarist and talks about their life, dreams and demons.  The musician quietly composes an instrumental guitar piece reflecting their vibe.  They quickly record the piece on a smart phone and email it to the guest… when the guest gets home: Voila!  Their very own theme music is waiting as a gift.   Also:  An additional note as to hours of operation… It will be mornings until about noon.

Good Fibrations Boutique


  • 2016 – Good Fibrations
  • 2015 – Fractal Fashions
  • 2013, 2014 – Underworn Boutique

Clothing exchange and cafe with community barbecue.  Nothing to wear, Got lots to share. Bring clothing and accessories as well as something to BBQ to share, swap & eat.