The Porch

Providing a stage for entertainers and story tellers—featuring the 10 Principles Expressed Project live production where 10 people express 10 principles, happening Friday at 1pm. We will also have “Beer Snob Night” (a beer potluck) happening at The Porch on Thursday 7pm. We will have info ready to browse on the 10 principles. We have a Block Rocker and mic to rock your voice when you want to express!

Kids Camp

Kids Camp is a space designed for the youngest members of our community to enjoy and create and learn how to be awesome burners. The 2018 Kids Camp theme is “Wonderland!”  Come take a romp through our magical land filled with art and games. We will have various activities throughout the week. Fun for all ages!




Dogville is a quiet camp for dogs and humans. It provides a safe place for dogs away from the burns sound camps and other distractions. Camp is intended for folks bringing dogs to Saguaro Man and we also accept humans who love dogs that want to camp with us.  Free to all no dues. Community breakfast on Sunday with  Bloody Mary’s.

Adventure Pilots

Adventure Pilots are the only airline to fly direct from Double Dolphin Farm to Black Rock City. In case of delays travelers can visit our bar The Layover. Complimentary drinks and snacks are provided as well as activities. Check out the departure board and let us pilot YOUR Saguaro Man adventure.


A laid back place to get weird and random! We have a luscious tea room for lounging and canoodling, a dance hall for getting jiggy with it, and all sorts of salacious shenanigans and wise crackin’ nonesensery!