Templesmith Camp

Our theme is the home of the Temple builders. We will have artwork on display and unused pieces of the Temple to gift. We will have a special box for people to leave messages that will be burned in the temple. We will be serving morning tea and a special drink that we invented during the build. We also hope to be placed close to the Temple to be available if needed for emergency repairs or closures.

Pavilion of Athena

The Pavilion of Athena is a sex positive, joyful camp celebrating and empowering women and the people who love them. In the current political climate, we are here to reassert and reaffirm the power and value of women. We will host seminars and workshops under our spacious shade structure. Emily Jones of Sonoran Muses will host a workshop on digital photography and how to bring out the goddess within. She’ll also offer a mini photoshoot for one workshop attendee. Matt Gore will teach a beginner’s wire wrapping workshop. We’ll have headdress making classes, flow arts classes and yoga. Each night will feature dance parties featuring DJs Krti Mouserider and Nate Wolf. Our camp is a Safe Space that has completed B.E.D. Safe Camp certification. We do not tolerate violence against women, or anyone, no matter when or where it takes place.

2017 Center Camp

Center Camp offers a fun and safe place for all! During the day, it is the perfect spot to come relax and escape the sun. Then at night, the music will be bumping and the fire pits will be blazing!

Center Camp will once again be featuring the Jelly Lounge, the fun and whimsical underwater paradise! Swim up to our premier Oceanfront Bar, The Wet Spot, and grab some Jellijuice. Come participate in a variety of fun activities or hit us up to schedule one of your own. We are a colorful and lively bunch, ready to jiggle the night away.

This year our Center Camp is being headed up by Iris.
If you would like to schedule an activity to take place in Center Camp please contact her HERE