Fly on The Wall – Artist: Rescue (Renew)

This art is intended to create a resting space for people who seek respite from typical social interaction, or perhaps just want to sit quietly or interact with one or two other people in a non-verbal way.


This art will invite participants who want a quiet, cozy corner to take a moment to reset from all of the stimulation and social interaction that can sometimes be overwhelming for certain personality types. It should provide an anchor, home-base, or reset for the socially overwhelmed. It will also (hopefully) help participants who identify as introverts to find one another’s company in a way that is non-threatening but also not as isolating as hiding in their tent during the day (as I often find myself doing and have heard of others doing as well).

The Wall – Artists – Boots Paramour, Amp’d & Fritz Gomez

The Wall is big. It’s really big. And in its size, it gives scale and scope to everything else. The wall is pretty. It looks amazing from a distance and close up. It will also light up the surrounding desert with great shadows and light. It will be seen from almost everywhere and give people an idea of how big the event really is. Like looking across Playa and seeing other things!


Artists, Josh Parry/Boots Paramour, Rod “Amp’d” Martin and Fritz Gomez

Beyond the Looking Glass – Artists: Morgan Winburn and the Kids Camp Crew

Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, this piece will encourage participants to explore and use their imagination with childlike wonder. This multi-artist project will bring variations of the beloved classic into a fresh interactive medium, where, after braving to step through the broken mirror of the storybook, participants can have tea at the Hatter’s table, converse among the talking flowers, play flamingo croquet with the queen, and sit in a mushroom forest.


List of artists includes:

Morgan Winburn, along with Lytyl, Mary Jane Bricka, Matt Giacomazzo, Margarete Beeson, Jill and Dave Lovell, Jenna Leatherman and the Band of Mini from Kids Camp, as well as support from Tattletale Frum, Jennifer Oxford, Edwin and Amantha Edgarly, Isaac Gordon and more…

a.k.a.chic – Artist: Jim Mystiiic

Pronounced Akashic, this sculpture consists of a 1940s-era wooden file cabinet. The outside is covered with lots of shiny abstract metal pieces, some of them interactive, some of them bizarre, all of them intriguing. There will also be some interactive art pieces inside the drawers. Materials consist of: One all-wooden 4-drawer file cabinet. Lots of shiny metal objects (some structural, some decorative, some for participant interaction), Some plastic pieces, Some wood pieces, Some glass pieces, Four sparklers, A solar light, Chalkboards and chalk, Firewood. We hope to see it go up in flames!


Artist, Jim Ross/Mystiiic is a Chicago native, 7-time Burner, who lives in Tempe, AZ and has had a growing love for art since his first Burn in 2002

Steampunk Flowerhouse – Artists: YoMama & Backcountry

A steampunk-inspired traveling house of happiness! This art project is being constructed by members of the community East of Snowflake out of retired, rusty metal mostly salvaged from the local area and built with rural, off-grid ingenuity. An interactive piece on many levels, participants can wander among the forest of flowers, view the Flowerhouse from afar, ascend the staircase to the house, manipulate gears on the platform, enjoy the intimate interior, or even take a ride as it delivers happiness to participants at the event. There will also be a culmination celebration at Saguaro Man, then will return to the community to be installed as a local attraction near the Country Store on Concho Highway to celebrate community and welcome visitors..


Artists and builders, Kristin Wesley/YoMama and Nick Rice/Backcountry have teamed together to merge the worlds of urban collaborative art with rural industriousness, creating an inspiring experience for participants of Saguaro Man 2018 and celebrating the community East of Snowflake, where the event takes place

Synthetic Siren: Suffocated – Artist: Kathleen Donlinger

This project is inspired by the ocean and this planet constantly being choked off by plastics being used, abused, and not being recycled. The plastics that we produce are not always recyclable to begin with, ending up in the ocean and broken down into micro-particles that pollute the food chain, thus ending back up in our own bodies. This art sculpture represents the trash we create daily, along with the mythical life we once held before plastics were invented.


Artist, Kathleen Donlinger has been involved with larger scale projects, and her own small artwork pieces through participation within the local communities of Las Vegas and Phoenix since 2010