Camp C.P.R. Consensual Panty Rippers

Camp C.P.R. Consensual Panty Rippers Come get your panties ripped and learn about consent! Tie your panties to a pirate flag take part in one of our sex positive consent or play workshops (see event guide for details) or just come chill in one of our comfortable cuddle spaces. We’re here to give you an unforgettable Saguaro Man experience with your permission of course ?? Consenting Adults Only.

Ooey Gooey Cereal Killers

We would like to offer 2 gifts – on friday night we make various grilled cheese and possibly smores for those hungry and cold partiers out after midnight. On Saturday morning  we make boozy (or non-alcoholic) cereal options named after famous killers. We want a fun light hearted camp full of friends who are almost compulsively social.

The Britney Spear-Ribs or The Britney Spare-Ribs

A gather of old and new friends coming together to make people laugh and rem-inis  of good ol britney spears. Playing a 1 hour of 90s-2000 britney spears hits for 5-6 daily. On Friday evening we will be serving pork and Vegan spare ribs from 5-7 (time tentative). Camp volunteers will be dressed as different mental states of britney spears career. From cute school girl to shaved head crazy brit. Half of the combined parking structures will be set up with lights for a small dance party area. if it gets dark enough in that time we will have a back projected screen of music videos to match the music. Also serving our camp cocktail called “Toxic” get it her song lol.

Camp Last Place

Unfuck your burn and save the best for last. Camp Last Place provides the necessary universal balance for Camp First Place. We are harmoniously intertwined like yin and yang in radical communal effort to entertain and enlighten. We have just one rule: SLOW THE FUCK DOWN!!!

This Camp Has Not Yet Been Rated

This Camp Has Not Yet Been Rated: A place to go to  unwind from all the unwinding‚Ķ you need to charge your device? You can do it here! Want a healthy snack or drink? We got those too! Want to plug in for a while and watch something on the big screen with some popcorn? You‚Äôve found the place! We will have movie nights and themed food/snacks to accompany.

Jellyfish Lounge

We are the Jellyfish Lounge the fun and whimsical underwater paradise! We play nightly beats to dance to. Swim up to our premier Oceanfront Bar The Wet Spot and grab some Jelli-juice. We are an active and lively bunch ready to jiggle the night away.