I have been going to Burning Man for 15 years. I’m an artist in many forms. I build fire art, non fire art, spin many different fire tools, paint many styles, DJ many styles of music, ECT, ECT, ECT there is so much more about me its hard to put in detail.

2016 Temple Build: The Gemstone Temple

The temple is a place of healing reflection and remembrance. for thousantemple-2016ds of years ancient civilizations have utilized the power of crystals and “Gem Stones” to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages. thus facilitating the free flow of thought throughout the body. on a cellular level our bodies and quartz crystals are both made up of mineral silicon dioxide. Because of this we are naturally receptive to the vibrations of crystals as they transmit, reflect, store light and receive energy.   The Temple has so many other meanings to people. It is different for everyone. Much Love and Light.