A 21 foot dome that incorporates weaves of 12 arches made from pvc. With its white cover suspended from the inside of the frame, it creates a shape similar to an upside down flower with the petals touching the ground. Nearly 2,000 LEDs illuminate the white fabric of the cover in a delicate dance of light through multiple patterns written and designed by Justin Eastman.

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From 2012:

This is a Spanish term often used in reference to giving birth but the literal translation is to give light. This summarizes the intent of our art piece. We intend to give light to the community through the use of LED amaziness. We want to create a dome that is twenty feet in diameter with a fully programmed light show inside of it. The structure is intended to provide space for approximately twenty to thirty people inside of it at a time to enjoy the gift of light and give birth to a higher state of consciousness.

The shape and design of the dome is a revolutionary structural design inspired from the flower of life. Plastic ribs will extend from a circular base in a weaving pattern that resembles the petals of a flower. The base of the dome will be twenty feet in diameter extending to a maximum height of ten feet with a four foot circular opening at the top to reveal the sky above. The structure will be covered with a light colored stretch fabric and will have LED strips attached to the inner length of each rib. The floor of the dome will be covered with soft foam and furry fabrics to provide a wonderfully comfortable space in order to come together and enjoy the energy of the space. Time and money permitting, a smaller 4 foot dome will be placed below the center of the main structure covered in a mirrored material so that while looking into the center of the display the reflection of the interior of the space, with the wonderful lights above along with the faces of their friends below, all reflecting back at them.

About the Artist: Justin “WorkinOnIt” Eastman-Lead Artist / Project Coordinator / Engineer Justin Eastman first attended Burning Man in 2006. The experience changed the way he viewed his life and what role he does or could play in the world. It opened doors to creativity though that were lost by years of inter mingling amongst the stagnating influences of the default world. Burning Man and its culture offered him a way to release his creativity and to visualize his imagination. Being a software engineer challenges his mind, but being a burner has challenged his imagination. It has since then been a passion of his to integrate both his technical skill and creative imagination. In the years since his first excursion to the playa he has dabbled in costume creation, welding, and giving to both his burner and local community through volunteering his time and effort to make this world a better place. But alas, it has not been enough. The need to participate has infected him!