Hello AZ burner community! I’m a Detroit-based burner and am excited about participating in Saguaro Man for the 1st time, and wanted to introduce myself! Hi 🙂 I hear the theme is TRANSITIONS, which synchronistic: in December I quit my day job (a great corporate career in IT) to follow my REAL dream and passion: I am now a full-time performing artist and music shaman, traveling the country in my playa-friendly touring van, working hard to inspire people wherever I go. Yay! A HUGE transition, and I’m happy that my tour is taking me your way , and am so looking forward to connecting with YOU.

I’d love to share what I do at Saguaro Man! I am a one-man band on electric violin and digital effects – videos on my website if you’re interested:

www.dixonsviolin.com. I am I have no idea what the infrastructure is like there – any designated performance area/stage/center camp? If not, no problem since I can create my own space, but if anyone has suggestions, let me know!

I’m also happy to gift my gear for use during the event! I have assembled a nice setup for remote sound installation, including a Bose L1 PA system (the “stick” PA) and a battery power supply for it. It’s playa-tested 🙂 Could this be useful? I also managed the sound at center camp for Lakes of Fire (the great lakes regional burn with 1,000 folks) last summer, and could do the same here, or I could host an open-mic event to help others share what they do?!