@ Temple of Resonance – 10:30 to Noon

Join Kurt Hauser and Rachel Radia Day once again for a magical, musical Saguaro Man brunch theatre experience! We’ll be easing you out of your morning funk and into a lovely Saturday by reading a new collection of faerie and folk tales from around the world to you, accompanied by classical guitar and a bit of dance. Since this is a brunch-type timeframe, we encourage you to bring your coffee, mimosa, granola, fruit, or other tasty treats with you. We’ll provide a couple of snacky bits to share, and you can bring items to share, too, if you like. This is intended to be a cozy gathering to rise and shine and welcome the day together in a lighthearted & entertaining sort of way. Kiddos are welcome (there is an educational aspect to this, ya know!), and costumes always add to the atmosphere (though they are not required). Can’t wait to see you there!