an 360 degree immersive interactive installation. Cross under the overhead glowing green phosphorescent panels into the center and prepare yourself for a truly unique experience. At the center you’ll find a glowing fluorescent column where participants can take control at the interface panel, and manipulate the device in various ways. Overhead, sits a rotating mechanism with a blue/ultraviolet laser system, projecting it’s beam outward onto the perimeter’s elevated phosphorescent glow panels. Watch and listen to the nearby music, as the laser energizes the glow panels, and writes out the oscillating audio waveforms observers are hearing, with layers upon layers of ephemeral green visual resonance. Adjust the rotation rate and watch as the waveforms being written compress into dense bands, or expand into long stretched out sine waves; or pick up the microphone at the control panel and watch as your voice manifests before viewer’s eyes. Sing songs, or for a really interesting effect, hum and watch as tight bands of resonating lines travel around you. Ohhhhhmmmmmmmm….  Look deep. Witness the mysteries of the Glow Spirits, hidden within the layers. Mesmerizing indeed.