I’m camp daddy for Tsunami Camp at BRC and hopefully several members from our camp will be attending Saguaro Man this year (assuming we can all get tickets). We will integrate four BRC Greeters Beacons into our camp design and will place a flame effect device (or two, or three), where it is deemed safe by you folks.

Our theme camp is comprised primarily of event volunteers, including the BRC Greeters Project Coordinator, Topless Deb, several Rangers, and some of the organizers/volunteer leads from the Michigan Regional Event, “Lakes of Fire”. Deb and T (Tonda) greeted at Toast last year.

As for me, I’m a 13 year veteran of BM, based in L.A., one of the BRC Greeters Metas, and a Black Rock Ranger. Aside from running an Esplanade theme camp (’07 – 09), I also do stuff at our LA Decom where I built and hosted our main fire stage. I’m an active volunteer for the San Diego Decom Events, and Lakes of Fire Events.