@ AZ Bravers / Lost Lizard Lounge

AZ Bravers Team up with Lost Lizard Lounge to bring you Guaranteed Lei, the only party at Saguaro Man where you are guaranteed to get leid!!! Coming at you for it’s second year at Saguaro Man!!! The event itself will go from 8:30-??? Get ready for an awesome Hawaiian themed party with great DJs and our tropical bar filled with ice blended drinks that will run from 10pm until 2am (or later depending on how we do with donations for the bar).

10pm – Limbo Contest (How low can you go?)

11pm – Hula Hoop Contest (How long can you keep your hula hoop spinning around our waist? Not a contest to see how awesome all of you hoopers are.)

12am – Cheesy Tourist Contest (Come dressed as a cheesy Hawaiian tourist. I know all of you burners will add your own special twists. Originality is the key to winning this one.)

*** Each of the contest winners will get to choose their own Saguaro Man themed prize ***