@ Braver Camp


Once again the AZ Bravers bring you Guaranteed Lei 2015! Coming at you for it’s fourth year at Saguaro Man, the only party at Saguaro Man where you are guaranteed to get leid!!! !!! The event itself is on Saturday and will go from after the burns that night until 6 am and will be held at the AZ Braver Camp! Get ready for an awesome Hawaiian themed party with great dj’s, fun contests (with some awesome prizes), and our tropical bar with ice blended drinks. (Dj’s, so far, include…Matt Dunn, Sid, Pyro
Bob Da Builder, Nautilus)

The contests will be as follows…
11:30 pm – Limbo Contest… How low can you go?
12:30 am – Hula Hoop contest… see how long you can keep your hula hoop spinning around your waist (not a contest to see how awesome all of you hoopers are) *bring your own hoop or borrow from a friend
1:30 am – Cheesy tourist contest… Come dressed as a cheesy Hawaiian tourist (I know all of you burners will add all of your own special twists. Originality will be key to winning this one!)

***Each of the contest winners will get to choose a special Saguaro Man themed prize!!!***

Want to help??? We are accepting donations for our props, bar, and gas for the generator to keep the party going…. As an added bonus, if you do decide to donate $15 or more we will gift you an awesome AZ Bravers Saguaro Man shirt!!! Also, In addition to the shirt you will also be entered into a raffle that we will be doing on Sunday around 10 am to win a Saguaro Man/Guaranteed Lei themed lantern.

If you want to donate you can donate on PayPal to….bravercamp@gmail.com
To make it free when you donate, link your PayPal account to use your bank account and routing numbers and click that you are sending money to Family or Friends.