Visitors to the sculpture can relax, dream, reflect, and watch the world go by while suspended in Hammock Sphere on an oversized [12’ X 24’] hammock. The hammock will be suspended within an 18’ diameter geodesic sphere.


2015 Art Grant Recipient for the initial installation.

2018 Art Grant Recipient for repairs to the existing installation.



Artist, Mike Maung is a painter, sculptor and licensed general contractor. His paintings include non-representational surrealistic fantasy landscapes and murals. Sculptures range from table top to large scale. Mike has been attending Burning Man since 1996. His first solo project at the festival was a 20’ tall Praying Mantis he built in 1999. He has since built numerous large scale, EL wire illuminated projects. In 2008 he dedicated many weeks of labor and helped build the wildly successful giant ketchup bottle/french fry stand at Burning Man. Additionally the Ka Pilina Interactive Arts Society of Hawaii commissions him to build their 25’ tall Phoenix effigy for the Hawaiian Burning Man Regional event, Rebirth; a 20’ tall fire breathing frog for Warsaw Pact Entertainment’s Laguna Sunrise 2010 event in Snowflake, AZ; Saguaro Man 2014 Burning Frog; Saguaro Man 2015 Hammock Sphere; Saguaro Man 2016 Burning Cranes