At Burning Man, and at DeCom & PreCom and at Burnal Equinox, and every single party we attend, the Heart-On crew gives out Heart Ons in the form of ink stamps, glitter, stickers, temporary tattoos and airbrush painted body art! We have repeat customers and those that see us at events outside the Burn often tell us what a great time they had with their Heart Ons. 🙂

Kathy (Kat) is a 7 year Burner. Three kids and a Labrador. In terms of being a Burner – I help run Silicon Village at BM (on the Leadership Team currently as well as being a two time past Mayor), volunteer at HOTD as often as possible, heavy into working with South Bay CORE for the second year now, and part owner of an art car: The Party Snail.

Kevin Price (Tripod) plays all manner of musical instruments, mostly in the Heart-On dome it’s Hapi Drum, takes 3D photos of willing recipients, had the very first Hexayurt at BM other than the original designed by Vinay Gupta, and is an 8 year Burner. Kevin has a wonderful dog who loves bacon, and a funny cat.

I’m sure there is SO much more to Tripod that I am forgetting to list here!!! this is a link to his 3D photo website:

We also have other members of Heart-On that will help staff our event.

Description: Our project is a simple one, based on giving Heart Ons to everyone that would like to receive one! (or two, or three, or!) We use Tripod’s dome and call it The Heart-On dome, we have an air brush machine, ink, a variety of stamps, liquid glitter and temporary tattoos. We are considering adding Henna as well.

Our mission is to spread joy while gifting body art. We will also have some simple musical instruments strewn about our dome for impromptu rhythm sessions.

We continue to be inspired by all the happiness that giving our Heart Ons brings. The idea for Heart-On was born at a Burner Valentines pub crawl in San Jose, CA when giving heart stickers (the very first form of Heart Ons) to “normies” and enjoying the confused looks they gave until they realized what the joke was!It was and continues to be a true source of shared joy!