Center Camp – Friday, Around (8p – 11p)

Hookah competition! Bring your own hookah, shisha, and coals The prestige of this hookah event comes with a trophy and a celebratory photo where the winner is hoisted upon the fingertips of the competition as they lay down and float mid air and bask in their eternal glory as the Grand Hookah Champion at the first ever Saguaro Man Hookah Competition. The objective of the competition is to see who reigns above all in cumulative points. Contestants will be judged on the following categories: Flavor Cloud Draw Overall satisfaction And points will be deducted for: Is it harsh? Or burnt? Each category will be judged after the contestant feels his or her bowl is ready and then again after 15 minutes. Everyone who doesn’t get first place is required to wear their participation ribbon until midnight. Contestants put your name in. Volunteer judges welcome. Look for the hookah sign at the Jellyfish Lounge.