Everybody has differences with everybody else. Even the most identical twins are never completely identical. “I in U” is a visual device to help identify and blend the differences we have with each other. Find somebody you like and use the “I in U” device to showcase your oneness in ways not imagined before. Alternatively, bring somebody you’ve just met or possibly don’t event like and utilize the “I in U” device to find that we’re all in this together. Find the I in the You, the You in the I.

The “I in U” device is an experimental tool and its creators hold no liability in any possible or impossible negative or positive outcomes of the usage of said device. Users of the “I in U” device assume all risks and rewards attributed directly or indirectly via the usage or non-usage of said device.

About the artist: Chromatest has been creating art installations for Black Rock City for many years as well as running the E-3 regional theme camp and playing kick-ass dance music.