Ignis Fatui is a large-scale, decentralized, interactive LED light project for Saguaro Man. It consists of many individual ‘nodes’ that control long light strings.Each node communicates with all of the other nodes, and they synchronize blinking and flashing. The light strings cover the foliage along the road coming into and inside of the burn. It’s goal as infrastructure is to provide a lighted path for people to walk and explore the burn and each other more safely.


Additionally, I will be offering nodes integrated into jackets and hats. People who donate can get a wearable that will command and control the project, blink in sequence with the entire project, and when they get close to a light, it will acknowledge them and blink slower. By walking around the burn, a person becomes and changes the entire project.


This project fulfills my passion for decentralized, intercommunicating mesh nodes that connect and pass information over a large area. Don’t ask why, I don’t know. We all get off on weird things in life.


This project also seeks to fill a void that I’ve seen other art fall into. There are viewers and art, the two are separate. There is always a wall that divides us from the piece. This project aims to bring the people into the art, and the art to the people. One should walk IN and be a part OF art, and it should change you.

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