The purpose of this project is to design a visually interesting piece that will be seen for miles. I was inspired by a piece that I saw at BM 2010. The piece is a simple string of illuminated helium filled balloons that is planned to reach 120 feet high. A string of 20+ helium filled balloons spaced 6 feet apart. This should reach 120+ feet in the air.

Interactivity: This will be a visual beacon for all event participants. It could be moved to any location. It will also hopefully sway back and forth with a light wind.

About Serpico: I am currently an instructor teaching film & video software. I also am a freelance motion graphics designer in the Phx area. My work has been shown on various local TV programs. I have assisted on multiple projects for various Burning Man events including: Toaster, Amphibia and the AZ C.O.R.E. project for BM 2011.