Presented by team ARTISTIC AS FUCK.

Geteth ready f’r our 3rd (somewhat) annual jousting at saguaro maneth! This year we art changing it up and making things moo interesting (we hast a few surprises up our sleeves)! We will not be releasing what we hast chang’d so that means thoust to cometh joust to findeth out!

To entereth the joust: You will needeth a team of two people to ent’reth the joust against anoth’r team. A shot of ass’rt’d bev’rages will be off’r’d to all contestants before the main event.

Where/when: Look f’r us on the main road by the cactus and rang’r campeth. We will be starting sometime around noon-ish Saturday. Get ready to hast yea moo fun than our lasteth two years!!!!

Did thou readeth the backeth of thy ticket?