This is a multi-part project that encourages people to express themselves and interact with the art.

– First during the day it will be an interactive portrait studio. There will be a device with a touch screen that participants will be prompted to push one of two buttons to begin a recording of themselves and/or friends. One button will allow them to create a recording that will be deleted after the event. The other button will allow them to consent to create a recording that may be used after the event. This should be within the guidelines of requiring consent for recording individuals at the event. The screen will prompt the participant that the recording is about to begin. The device will record a short black and white video clip of the participant at a high frame rate. The participant will then be given the option to delete the recording replace the recording or create a new recording. Sound will be played to invite participants into the studio.

– Second during the night the recordings will be projected onto a screen at a slow frame rate. The recordings will be randomized and played along with a short audio clip that will also be randomized.

– Third I will project images from a photography project Dusty and I have created over the past several years featuring life-size puppet people.

– Fourth (pending) during the night we will create a sculpture for use in projection mapping. Dusty Deen will create an animation that will be projected onto the sculpture. The sculpture should be created to be lit from the inside and ‘glow’ when it is not projected on. (This is pending as it is Dusty’s project and I do not know the exact details of it)

– Fifth the entire project will be solar powered during the event should be quiet and environmentally friendly.

– Finally I intend to use the projection system outside of the event to showcase other artists work wherever possible. Being solar powered it is portable and I can project onto walls on the street or in an establishment.