Greetings Fellow BurnerFamily!!!!

So, here is our deal…our theme camp is called “(place a picture of a spiral here)”. We have already bought tickets, with a few more planning to buy some tickets too.

We live off-grid in an earthhome community, so we try to live without assistance from the grocery store. with that said, our focus is on sustainability and earth-friendly fun! We will be offering a few workshops, ranging from thai-yoga massage, to a BBJB contest, to Bazinga! (a new card game) to brewing(and by brewing we mean offering homebrew)–we’ve really perfected our craft, to off-grid life advice, to homemade foods, to “know your rights” (this is in reference to the cOps…the mediator of this workshop says: “people need to know what you can and can’t say to those f…rs”!!!LOL—one of us was an officer for 10 yrs). We will also be offering homemade pizza and homebrewed beer (the pizza includes locally made goat-cheese and cow-cheese, and the crust will be wheat-crust and gluten-free crust)….

our structures include a dome, which will become a living room style lounge(17.5 foot diameter buckey—buckemeister—dome). we also have a carport size structure (which will be our kitchen) the dome will become a lounge, which includes a relaxed-living-room-tyle atmosphere…with . music dj’s, mostly ambient, trancy, chilloutspace music—dubreggae, triphop, the orb, for example)…..

Oh, the community that we live in includes radical faeries (we live near Zuni Mountain Sanctuary, a radical faerie sanctuary, but it is NOT just radical faeries) we really pride ourselves on being ourselves(What is gender and sexuality but just another label, right?)! LOL….and we do get carried away laughing through the night, so putting us near kidsville probably wouldn’t be the best idea…lol.

Of course First and foremost is SAUGUAROMAN!!!!

We look forward to meeting everyone!