We would like to announce the Saguaro Man 2019  Space-Time Sticker Challenge.

How would YOU like to go down in Arizona Burner history? Here’s your chance to design some awesome swag for 2019’s event. Who will win? Who knows!!….

The decision will be made by the community, through online voting. It is REALLY REALLY important that you follow the guidelines below AND make your submission before the deadline!!

Accepting submissions now until…we decide to stop!

Community voting will be announced… when we announce it.

Click Here to see past winners
(this page might be broken, we’re working on it)

Here’s what you need to do:

Design a Saguaro Man sticker including the text: ‘Saguaro Man – 2019’. There will be two (2) stickers. You can submit designs for sticker #1, sticker #2 or submit a design for each!

Sticker #1: The sticker will be a 4 inch x 3 inch oval, with a 1/8 inch border, within (the border is to allow the sticker to be cut) Place the ovalin a 5 x 4 inch square.

Sticker #2: The sticker will be 2 1/2 inch round, with a 1/8 inch border within (the border is to allow the sticker to be cut).

Verify that your sticker is using the correct formats:

RGB color format.
Stickers will be printed in FULL SPECTRUM color so please submit stickers in RGB color format – File can be vector format (.AI, .EPS, .CDR) or raster format @ 300dpi (.JPG, .TIFF, .PNG)