This new in”car”nation is an artistic recreation of a Colorado Miners cabin (by day) that appears to be on fire (at night). This art car/shack is made out of found objects, wood and artifacts from the mining era in Telluride, Colorado. The interior space resembles a miners cabin complete with a wrought iron bed, a functioning, historic parlor wood stove , and a vintage icebox. The goal is to inspire people to recycle, learn about the mining era history, and enjoy the coziness of the “shack”. During the day, the Shack offers public transport for the community, accompanied by solar-powered music. At night, colorful LED lighting and the sound system transform the Shack into an inviting mobile lounge. The pyrotechnic special effects on this one-of-a-kind art car are a flaming metal roof and a “chimney” poofer that give the illusion of the shack being on fire.


Artist, Chris Myers/Lucky is an entrepreneur steeped in the world of lighting design and owner of his own lighting design firm – enLIGHTen. Chris understands the power of light: fire being the first source of nighttime illumination for man. He and his partner, Erin Ries/Sizzle are both co-founders of the Telluride Fire Festival, and are committed to it’s being a net-zero carbon event. Erin is a former Festival Director for Telluride Wine Festival, and for fun she makes costumes for the TAB (Telluride Aids Benefit) Fashion Show. Together they created Telluride’s first art car brought to Burning Man