A steampunk-inspired traveling house of happiness! This art project is being constructed by members of the community East of Snowflake out of retired, rusty metal mostly salvaged from the local area and built with rural, off-grid ingenuity. An interactive piece on many levels, participants can wander among the forest of flowers, view the Flowerhouse from afar, ascend the staircase to the house, manipulate gears on the platform, enjoy the intimate interior, or even take a ride as it delivers happiness to participants at the event. There will also be a culmination celebration at Saguaro Man, then will return to the community to be installed as a local attraction near the Country Store on Concho Highway to celebrate community and welcome visitors..


Artists and builders, Kristin Wesley/YoMama and Nick Rice/Backcountry have teamed together to merge the worlds of urban collaborative art with rural industriousness, creating an inspiring experience for participants of Saguaro Man 2018 and celebrating the community East of Snowflake, where the event takes place