Succulence will be a book with blank pages passed around from camp to camp, participant to participant. You will be encouraged to write, rant, draw, sculpt(?) or do anything with it that doesn’t involve bio-hazards and keeps the book in one piece. Think of it as a summit or trail register, perhaps a slice-in-time or even a collection of delusional visions from the community at Saguaro Man.

The idea is to bring together and share the collective consciousness of the community. Contributions can be anonymous or signed or illegible. The plan, post SM, is to scan the pages and post them in either the AZBurner yahoo group or a separate site for the Burner community to see and reflect. For you legal eagles, the contents will NOT be used for commercial purposes whatsoever, but it’s possible they might show up in an Internet search. We are open to feedback on that last sentence.