Wish Well – Artist: Golden

Wayward exploring participants will peer over the edge into an illusion of water and a bottomless pit, symbolizing the human-presence among the vastness of the earth. A dry well in the desert is also a nod to our most beloved resource, water, making us wish for more. Looking up from the depth into the ceiling, a bucket can be lowered where you may find wishes, trinkets and messages left from previous visitors.


Artist, Amanda Smith/Golden is a first time large scale artist

VUe – Artist: Bad Dad

A perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. Some people believe Jimi Hendrix was synesthetes and that the Purple Haze he sang about was an expression of this affect. Here we can all enjoy a little Synesthesia through lights synced with music and get in touch with the synesthetes that lives inside of each of us.


Artist, Charles Vierhout/Bad Dad is a geek at heart who builds complex computing system for a living, and makes art for fun. Fortunately his mind swings both ways, which is a great advantage when looking for solutions to complex problems. After many years of living life from one extreme to the other, Charlie found the middle ground within the burner community, at lease his wife believes so!

Tree of Skepticism – Artist: T-Bone

Artist, Terry Huish/T-Bone has heard of the tree of life and the tree of wisdom, but has his doubts about spiritualism. He mostly believes in what he can see, so this project is for all skeptics. No meaning, no purpose, just something cool to see. If participants ask the tree some meaningful questions and get meaningful answers, perhaps we won’t burn it…

The Fall of the House of Usher – Artist: Kurt Hauser & Pi Art Collective

At it’s heart this is a performance piece. A synthesis of traditional burn arts (music, fire and large scale art) with drama. The piece explores the dark side of the psyche culminating in a firey final reckoning. Immediacy and impermanence are overarching themes. The performance is a dramatic interpretation of the short story The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe.


Artists, Kurt Hauser of the Pi Art Collective, including Audel Snow, Trey Butler, Heather Dessel and Rachel Taccarello

Mad Potter – Artists: Scout & UofA Keramos

A ceramic workshop available for participants to interact with art and the natural word in a tactile way. The inspiration of this project is the peace, satisfaction and building of self-confidence that comes with working with ones hands and creating something from raw materials. Come and play with your hands, get dirty and have fun while having a cathartic moment creating.


Artist, Elizabeth Cameron/Scout, along with collaboration with the Univerisity of Arizona Keramos (Ceramics Club)

Harmonia – Artist: Paul Johnson

Harmonia consists of a set of inflatable air loungers (Harmoniums) through which copious and dynamic bass waves are sent from an audio program. The experience is akin to being massaged by music. It can be calming, transporting, cathartic, or frightening, all depending on what is playing through it. Participants are able to control various elements of the sound by using motion sensitive remotes. The design of the audio program encourages cooperation and experimentation to create personalized and whimsical experiences for each group.


Artist, Paul Johnson is coming to us from Apogaea, the Colorado regional burn