The Gemstone Temple – Artist: Dave “Pyro” Lovell

temple-2016The temple is a place of healing reflection and remembrance. for thousands of years ancient civilizations have utilized the power of crystals and “Gem Stones” to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages. thus facilitating the free flow of thought throughout the body. on a cellular level our bodies and quartz crystals are both made up of mineral silicon dioxide. Because of this we are naturally receptive to the vibrations of crystals as they transmit, reflect, store light and receive energy.   The Temple has so many other meanings to people. It is different for everyone. Much Love and Light.

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Temple of Four Directions – Artist: Distracto

temple-2015The Temple of Four Directions stands as a symbol of the elements of our life on planet Earth. Inspired by the sacred Native American Medicine Wheel, the Temple of the Four Directions shows not only our connections with our mother Earth, but our connections and “oneness” with each other. templeburn4directionsEach direction, East, South, West, and North gives us guidance through every stage of our lives as well as spirit guides, healing plants, our life and death cycles. It represents all that we are are and honor what we see on the outside and what we are on the inside.

It is my intent to express these concepts through art and to continue the tradition of creating a sacred space for the community. I hope in doing so, to honor the wisdom and spiritual connection of our ancestors and to each of us as well.templeof4dirinside



The Temple of the Four Directions invites all of you to come mediate-pray-laugh-cry-celebrate-heal-love.

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Temple Anima

Temple Anima
Temple Anima

Carl Jung once described the unconscious feminine psychological qualities that he believed to be present in all men as one of the major sources of creative ability and he called it anima. Temple Anima is inspired from the inner beauty that is possessed by all people and can be visibly present at times in the structure of the buildings we inhabit. This structure is intended to touch the collective unconscious that Dr. Jung described and offer our community the space to clear their minds and interference with a sacred burn. This temple has been designed to offer relaxing space during the day with openings for the sunlight and breezes to pass through as well as strategically placed windows for sun gazing at dawn and dusk. The space will be illuminated at night with over a thousand LED’s to offer another realm of experience providing a wide range of aesthetics. 

Temple Anima
Temple Anima


Temple Anima
Design submission for Temple Anima

Temple Anima has a triangular shape when viewed from the front or rear extending to a maximum height of fifteen feet tall. This triangular form is the primary structural element of the building and is replicated multiple times to form a basic rectangular shape when viewed from the sides (east or west). A seven foot tall doorway will be located on each of the four sides that open to a vaulted interior with an average ceiling height of eleven feet. The temple provides an open interior space with benches lining both the interior and exterior walls to facilitate large gatherings of people when necessary. Intricate detail will be abundant but we must leave some things for surprise! – ** Check Out The Youtube Video **

Temple of Devotion – Artist: Dave “Pyro” Lovell

Temple of Devotion Artist: Dave "Pyro" Lovell
Temple of Devotion
Artist: Dave “Pyro” Lovell


“The Temple of Devotion” is to give people that place of release. Or a place to give or “Devote” something in their lives. The temple has so many other meanings to people. It is different for everyone. Much love and light.


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