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The Tempe of Icarus

The Temple of Icarus was named with the intent to remind us all of our limitations, as well as remind us all that we are capable of building our own wings to fly.

Because we are given the opportunity to build our own set of wings, we all must remember two things:

  1. If we fly too low without confidence in our abilities, the wings will get heavy and keeps us from our getting off the ground.
  2. If we fly too high full of ego and without caution, the wings will melt when we get too close to the sun and send us crashing down to earth.

Knowing our limitations, we can all find that happy place (flight path) where we can use our wings with confidence, trust our ability to fly, understand where our limitations lie, and fly where our wings stay built strong and together.

Temple Guardians

Behind the Temple stands a group that has quietly watched over those structures each year since 2002- the Temple Guardians.

The main duty of the Temple Guardians is to hold the space of the Temple. We create an inviting, inclusive environment that allows everyone to have the experience and expression they need. We keep the Temple itself, as well as the participants who visit it, safe.

We invite you to join us as Temple Guardians. No experience necessary. We will host a training session at 4 pm on Thursday and we would like you to sign up for at least 2 shifts. Each shift will last 3 hours. The temple will be open to participants at all hours, so we need Guardians for around the clock.

  1. If you have not done so already, please Register to volunteer at Saguaroman 2019
  2. Then sign up for at least 2 Temple Guardian shifts

Directions: Enter the email you used to register for VOLCOR and you will reach the schedule page. Look for open shifts and click on the timeslot to sign up.

Questions? Please contact