HouseHeads contact me to play. We can go until 4pm if people want to play. I’m getting a lot of response to this and here’s what you need to do in order to qualify for a timeslot:

Make me a mix you consider House music. I have a specific sound and vibe in mind and those that hit the mark will play. There’s no “ah man, i can find some tracks to play” types wanted. Either you play the sound or you don’t. If you don’t, don’t get butthurt and complain…seriously. If you are a Househead, then you’ll have no problem picking out tracks.

I want a minimum of a 60 minute mix but longer is better. I want to see if you can stay interesting and can program efficiently enough to be interesting. If you can’t keep it going for more than 60 minutes then I’m not even going to consider you.

Forget the bio as it’s probably full of lies to make you sound good. In the desert, every human is subjected to the same harsh conditions so waving your ego will get you nowhere but rejected. I don’t care if you’re a raver, Tiesto, a drunk or a soccer mom…if you play and feel House music, you’re in.

With this being said, if any of this turns you off then I understand. If you don’t understand that I’m building my art piece aka a party, then you probably are not the right fit for this. There’s no money to be made, no advancing my “career” or any other tangible gain from booking the wrong people people so I’m just not going too.

You’re all welcome to attend otherwise.