The Journey is an interactive wood sculpture inspired by the double-helix and is reflective on our journey through life. Utilizing music lighting and responsive technology The Journey inspires people to reflect and create experiences for self and community within its walkable structure. For Burning Man we will bring a full torus 42′ in diameter. At Saguaro man we will bring a of the final structure occupying a patch approximately 27’x27′. The structure produces a sound and light environment where attendees can marvel at the mortise and tenon construction of the structure. For the Saguaro Man installation we intend to partner with Rebel Dharma of Burners Without Borders. Rebel will bring a mortensen tenon interlocking construction dj booth positioned at the pivot point of our structure. This will provide a nighttime destination sound and light experience drawing on our own djs and djs attending Saguaro Man.

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