In Greek mythology, life in the underworld is like a miserable dream, full of shadows, without sunlight or hope. A joyless place where the dead slowly fade into nothingness. In other traditions, it could be seen as the place in which life appears to have originated and in which life must return when life is done with no negative undertones.

According to the Mayan calendar, we are in the ninth wave of the cosmic countdown to the end of the calendar – not the end of the world, rather the completion of an evolutionary process which brings an end and a new beginning of social, political, economic and geological cycles for America and the world. These 9 cosmic waves or forces are the 9 evolutionary progressions (underworlds) with correlate with events in biological and historical evolution. Each progression develops a different frame of consciousness. The 9th and highest wave movement will produce the final shift to unity consciousness that will culminate as the calendar ends.

Some of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers have been describing their visions of what is to come, how we are the future, we are the heroes, how our coming has been prophesied for thousands of years and that