What you see is what you get, or is the world a sheer illusion?

  • Look past sleepiness, habits, and outward blinds. Scan the landscape within the mind.
  • Gaze deep into a greater vision. Move beyond traps of judgement and opinion.
  • Are thoughts reality? Are dreams unreal? What might our vast inner universe reveal?
  • Loosen the shackles of what is perceived. Question that which was once believed.
  • Darkness is blinding. Color the reflection of light. The Earth spins. Day becomes night.
  • Are illusions aberrations from the past? Or works of art wide and vast.

As we come together for year number four of Saguaro Man, consider how illusions might impact your experience, inspire artistic expression, and blow your personal truth wide open.

“Why, if it was an illusion, not praise the catastrophe, whatever it was, that destroyed the illusion and put truth in it’s place?” – Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own