Giving Rise to Causation.  This years theme is meant to inspire art through sound, where together we may vibrate our unique signatures into magnificent expressions of what moves us.

2016Theme-1In a single moment Sound was formed, and for that moment, it was pleasing to itself. Pleasing in such a way that it longed to share itself with the world. The journey began. As Sound traveled it explored its rustling vibrations. Echoing from canyon walls and spilling itself into water falls where it roared and crescendoed into a more beautiful composition than was ever known.

2016Theme-2Yearning, Sound reached out and joined hands with the complexities of the vast universe, pushing and pulling itself against gravitational force. It pulsed through the atmosphere and exploded with great symphonic force, dancing among the planets and stars, attracting motion into balance. Sound harmonized with dissonance and resonance, gave way to stillness through silence, and sang itself into a cacophony of brilliance. Reverberating a collective reflection of their own frequencies, sound and light intertwined. They gathered great power and beauty and created such visions of the infinite from which they were born.

Sound was home and creation began.