Each year new seeds are planted as an art theme that continually grow with the changing climate of our environment. As we unfold toward a notably murky time in humanity, let us put our toes in the mud, dig in, and rise strong from the waters of life as we unfold toward the sun and glance down at the beauty of our reflections. Like a lotus flower, everything opens and blooms again. AND despite sleet, snow, hail and rain, the warmth of summer will come upon us in the season of fire when the lotus grows vigorously, as all flowers do, responding to the sunlight, closing with the moonlight, gracing us with a kaleidoscope of color. Peaceful and filled with joy, we burst open as a natural expression of perfection. Each one of us a unique contribution to the exquisite beauty of this world that we cultivate. Dancing to the music that sings our souls, we reach skyward toward the night in the glow of the flame. Once again we rejoice as we ripen, wither, and release our seeds to sleep beneath the surface, dormant once again. Both suffering and happiness are of an organic nature, which means they are both transitory; they are always changing. The flower, when it wilts, becomes the compost. … Happiness is also organic and impermanent by nature. It can become suffering and suffering can become happiness again.

No Mud, No Lotus, Thich Nhat Hanh