Welcome to Center Camp, the community communal space for all to utilize to build community and connection. Center camp has 2 spaces that can be used and reserved for activities and events.

This is about the Saguaro Man Community YOU want to build! It’s the space all are welcomed and encouraged to use for whatever can be dream up. Want to have a class to paint, build puppets, make wings, teach yoga, play music, play board games, have a cocktail party, teach a workshop or class, have a meeting, you name it!

 Inside the structure is a 30 x 40 shaded space with ground cover, chairs, tables Coffee/ hot water Urns, Sound system and speakers, lights. The Stage is 8×8 outdoors with stage lighting, perfect for performing.

Center Camp Observes Saguaro Man Sound policies 6am-11am is quiet hours, Center camp can be reserved for quiet activities during these hours, like Yoga, Meditation, sobriety meetings, Coffee and Tea service, painting, etc. After 11am the sound can be used to enhance your workshops, classes, activities and events. Multiple non-conflicting activities can be run in the space at the same time. For example if you want to serve snacks or drinks and there is also a class both can respectfully share the space. The outdoor stage is ideal for performances and demonstrations acoustic music, fire dancers, magic, belly dancing, live poetry etc. As the sun sets Center Camp welcomes DJ’s and dancers to light up the night, all sound goes off at 6am for quiet hours.

 Dj’s will work with Center Camp Sound Lead Nation to make sure the sound is compliant with the sound policy at all times.

Coffee and Tea at center camp is built on donations of coffee, water, tea, sugar, and creamer. Each coffee urn required 5 gallons of water and 2lbs of coffee for one full urn. Please bring donations.

Remember you make Center Camp!

To add an event please go into the Center Camp Google Sheet and fill in details into your preferred time slot(s) – please include: Event title, Host name, Brief description

Questions? Contact: centercamp@azburners.org